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How to use the Sammy Squirrel section of this site.

About Sammy Squirrel Sammy is a black squirrel. Black squirrels are found in Letchworth and Hitchin. Their black appearance is caused by melonism a genetic condition, which is the opposite of albinism.

About the games We recommend that pupils play the games after a visit to Letchworth Museum for the 2feet4feet session. This site can also be used independently of a museum visit.

Whiteboard activity Animal Trail

This activity is designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard as a class discussion exercise.The activity provides a springboard for teacher led discussion and plenary. The aim is to follow an animal's footprints, gradually finding out clues about what the animals looks like, it's habitat and diet and putting the clues together to discover which animal it is.The activity consists of seven stages, looking at the animals tracks, body shape, habitat, facial features, droppings, skin and what it is.

Make your own animal

This game is designed to encourage pupils to look at animal features and their function - as well as to have fun! Pupils build an animal by working through the screen choosing a body shape, feet, tail, wings, head, mouth, skin. They can then choose a colour for their animal.Children select an item by clicking on it once, the images appears in the blank box, where the animal is constructed and can be pieces can dragged into position.Body features can be made different sizes, moved forward or backwards and rotated into position using command buttons.Once an animal has been created there is the option to print the image by clicking the 'done' button.

Animal Puzzle

This game is designed to encourage pupils to look at an animal's shape and identify its features. This game also explores why animals have certain features and how these react to their habitat.Each descriptive text has been audio recorded. When an animal shape is clicked on the words will appear along the bottom and a sound recording of the sentences will play.Once the animal is completed a 'Did you know?' fact will appear which can be heard when clicked on.

A follow up this exercise is available in a paper format. Four sentences about the animal can be written on the board and children can copy them into the four boxes. This is available in the teacher section under workshop.

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